about me

1984 - 1989 freelanced self-taught jewellery manufacture

1990 - 1994 non artistic handcraft

1994 - 1996 apprenticeship as a goldsmith at the Prager Schule Goslar

1996 - 1998 workshop gallery Hude

since 1997 participation in exhibitions, like
- Gift fair, New York (special exhibtion german art and craft);
- Ars Ornanata, Cologne;
- Form Art, Bochum;
- Blickfang, Stuttgart;
- Chelsea craft fair, London;
- Great Northern Contemporary Craft, Manchester
et cetera

Partnership with:
- Goodman and Morris jewellery in Brighton,
- Lemmon Street Galery in Thuro
- Electrum Gallery in London
- Schmuckrausch in Hamburg

Freelanced designed of the jewellery-company Kobrink & Wagner.

Membership in the Kunst- & Design Manufaktur, Oldenburg, in association with \"Forum für Schmuck und Design\" e.V. in Bonn.